Letters to the Editor

Pittman letter: Highlands-ACHD

ACHD trying to appease Highlanders?

Driving home from work recently I noticed the new four-way stop at Curling Drive and Braemere Road. Everyone who has been driving this road for 20-plus years found it difficult to stop. This isn’t the only new traffic pattern. On Highland View, where it intersects with Whidden, there are two new stop signs; stopping people traveling from upper and lower Highland View. The new stop signs are located in a well-established neighborhood that is traveled over 1,300 times a day, by the same people, who are dialed in to the original traffic pattern.

I can only assume that these unnecessary stop signs are ACHD trying to appease Highlanders over traffic concerns involved with the new development soon to go in behind Crane Creek Country Club. Well, it won’t work, and in fact might just add to the problem.

These stop signs do not answer the true issue people have with this new housing development. Stop signs don’t change the fact that there are going to be 600-plus new trips a day on these roads.

Now the neighborhood will have more traffic along with stop signs to highlight the added cars.

Molly Pittman, Boise