Letters to the Editor

Boatner letter: Raul Labrador

I am disappointed and sad to see that yet again, Raul Labrador and many of his House of Representatives colleagues are perpetuating discrimination, prejudice and fear against the LGBT community under the guise of protecting religious freedom. When we are all able to accept all of our neighbors for who they are without fear and without judgment, we will be a stronger, healthier and more peaceful society. Bigotry, discrimination and the willful ignorance of scientific fact do not become acceptable because they are hidden behind the shield of religious belief. The United States and Idaho will be better places to live when all Americans and all Idahoans have equal rights and equal protection under the law. Raul Labrador’s First Amendment Defense Act will continue to prevent that for our LGBT neighbors, and that mall of us less than we should be.

Tom Boatner, Boise