Letters to the Editor

Andrews-Bryant letter: Quoting Scripture

I read Bill Ward’s letter (July 12) and I thought, “Really? You really are going to characterize an entire faith based on one verse?” Well, let’s look at the Bible. “Happy is the one who ... takes your babies and smashes them against a rock.” (Psalms 137:9). Old Testament? Well, “... whoever does not have a sword must sell his coat and buy one.” (Luke 22:36). If you want to see who has the violent faith, read the history of The Crusades. When the Christians took Jerusalem in 1099, they raped, pillaged, slaughtered and burned. When the Moslems retook the city in the 1180s, they let all the Christians leave safely, and those who stayed were also safe. I ask, which faith is the cruel one?

Robert Andrews-Bryant, Boise