Letters to the Editor

Richard letter: The Village Charter School

In respect to the article written by Bill Roberts titled “Cash woes plague charter school.” Please note I am certain The Village Charter School will be open this fall. Some points stated in the article were because of views apparently voiced to the reporter by the charter commission because school reserve funds were needed to complete a mandatory upgrade to the school during the 2015-2016 school year. As the lead administrator for the school I was asked a hypothetical scenario of what would happen if there was a lack of resources for the school, and responded in kind. That said I’d like to state our resources are not being cut for next year.

We presently have 419 confirmed students, with another 150 students on waiting lists for different grade levels. Funding for the school is still forthcoming from the State Department of Education, and based on a conservative enrollment of only 358 students, the working budget for the school will be $2,058,000, with anticipated expenditures of $1,971,000 for the 2016-2017 school year. This will result in an end-of-the-year surplus of $87,000 for the school. We look forward to a productive year.

Tony Richard, Boise