Letters to the Editor

Mitchell letter: Officer support

Our nation is involved in a serious discussion about race, justice and community policing. Everyone has a voice in it, and it takes a nearly full-time commitment to give attention to each voice. My voice is only a murmur in this discussion, but as small as my voice is, I use it in this forum on behalf of the office I temporarily hold to express support for our sworn officers and staff, and the police department they make up. Anyone who has felt a civic duty to serve our society in one way or another knows that the service is its own reward. But policing is unique as a form of service. A cop is never off duty, even when the shift is done, and even after retirement. For that select group of men and women at Garden City Police Department, I believe that justice and equal application of the law are the hallmarks of the force. I have never had reason to doubt that our force honors the public’s trust and vigilantly protects the rights of fellow humans. For these reasons, our police force has my unequivocal support.

William G. Mitchell, Garden City Council member, Garden City