Letters to the Editor

Graham letter: Ginsburg decision

I was a little surprised to see Justice Ginsburg openly admit that her vote against Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association was based on politics rather than on fairness and justice. There are 24 states that mandate for unions. In those states you are forced to pay monthly dues and initiation fees to unions, even if you do not wish to join the union. Then the union is free to spend your dues any way they want. In these 24 states, 50 percent of the dues are forcibly taken from conservative Republican workers and spent on liberal Democratic candidates. In other words you are not only forced to pay dues, you are also forced to pay for causes that you do not believe in. That was Friedrichs v. California. And yes it would have been a big blow to public unions. After all, the members of public unions work for you and me, the taxpayer. We pay their salaries, pensions and health care. Just remember that when you talk about reversing “Citizens United” you are also talking about the $2 billion that unions spend on elections.

Jim Graham, McCall