Letters to the Editor

Brother letter: Hybrid tax

So let me understand this ... I bought a hybrid SUV in order to do my part to help clear the lousy air we get each winter and to lessen my dependence on fossil fuels. I paid a premium to do so. And, as a reward for my efforts I am penalized $70 because I don’t use enough gas? Wasn’t that the point? And FYI, there are “ordinary” cars around that get better MPG than I do. Are they next?

This is yet another example of the excellent logic skills of our esteemed Legislature. Like refusing federal monies for health care at a cost of millions. And the ham-handed management of the prison debacle and the dismal settlement. More millions gone. Nice going, Legislature. Enjoy your summer. You’ve earned a rest for all the fabulous work you did this session. Perhaps you can use the time to read a books on the joys of critical thinking.

Charlotte H. Brother, Boise