Letters to the Editor

Wright letter: Clinton emails

There are enormous implications for the National Intelligence Directorate (DNI) and the whole of the national security structure in FBI Director Comey’s failure to issue charges against Hillary Clinton that very few are talking about (in fact, none in the general media). Mainly, the aspects of how those supposedly “unmarked” TS/SCI/SAP emails came to be on Clinton’s server from the Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) where they originated. No one is talking about that anywhere and makes this whole debacle so much worse.

How precisely did SCI/SAP info/data move from a SCIF to her open server to begin with? Who crossed the “air gap” with those messages/info to send them to Clinton? Why did Comey fail to disclose that? SCI/SAP transmission systems are electrically, cryptographically and physically isolated from all other messaging transmission.

They haven’t charged Clinton for reasons yet to be disclosed. OK, wunderbar. However, why has no one on the staff who facilitated the “crossing of the air gap” been charged? The failure of the FBI, press and media to follow the breadcrumbs to where everything in this whole sorry, sordid affair breaks wide open is truly an epic and historic failure. We have a real problem there, Houston.

Jeff Wright, Lowman