Letters to the Editor

Wilhite letter: Clinton emails

In light of all the impropriety in regards to Hillary Clinton’s questionable use of her high status in government, I would like to let my voice be heard to all people. I am a retired veteran who has handled many classified materials and there is no room for personal judgment. Materials are clearly marked and there is no doubt, as FBI Director Comey would have us believe. Fox News made it clear that our veterans’ lives were put in grave danger due to her negligence. There seems to be no legal way to make people such as her accountable, but what if all concerned parents were so brazen as to file a class action lawsuit against Hillary? I am beyond frustration when there seems to a double standard. I agree with Rep. John Mica, R-Fla., who inferred that this whole event has been choreographed like a stage production in five days. Have all vets that have served and are currently serving done their service in vain? Where is the constitutional message, “All men are created equal”?

Jerry Wilhite, Glenns Ferry