Letters to the Editor

Simon letter: State revenue

I just read Dave Griffel’s letter, and I agree 100 percent. What Dave does not understand, however, our legislators are not equitable, and are ill-equipped to find another way to increase the revenue the state will need in the future. Their answer is to make it easy for themselves and just raise taxes. They could not care less about Dave and their constituents. For example: Sen. Lori Den Hartog, R-Meridian, is a legislator that just sits there and says yes to taxes, instead of being progressive and figuring out a way to increase revenue without raising your hybrid car registration. All she does is vote to create economic destruction. Just look at the loss of horse racing and 60 million out of the state economy that she and her fellow politicians have voted for. Gee, I have an idea, why not have casino gaming like Nevada and have the state keep the profits and be state run? Then 600 million would stay here in Idaho, and our schools could have gold-plated door handles, and our kids would not have to be shortchanged. Let the people vote on it.

Joe Simon, Meridian