Letters to the Editor

Kuntz letter: Private airstrip

There is a time and place for everything. Approving a new private airstrip adjacent to a pre-existing wildlife management area and a wildly popular public open-space trail system is akin to approving a strip club or casino next to a school. The Ada County commissioners will hear public testimony Wednesday to determine if a private landowner should get approval to build an airstrip and airplane hangar and land his airplane up to 14 times a week on a ridge near Table Rock. While I believe protecting private property rights is certainly important, I firmly believe common sense and responsible planning need to be the ultimate guide in land-use decisions.

Boise area residents have already made it crystal clear that we value the open space of our Foothills. We have invested millions of dollars and repeatedly levied taxes on ourselves because the majority of people understand the importance of having a non-disruptive landscape for the health of wildlife and the community at large. I urge the Ada planning and zoning appeals committee to remind this gentleman that there are plenty of appropriate places for private airports and that his property is not such a place.

Josh Kuntz, Boise