Letters to the Editor

Conley letter: Private airstrip

Mr. Dean Hilde has proposed to build a private airstrip in the Boise Foothills in a subdivision up behind Table Rock. This is an inappropriate use of the Boise Foothills area especially since it is so close to the Wildlife Management Area that includes the Hammer Flats area. We citizens approved a levy to protect the Foothills as open space for recreation and wildlife, not for the landing of private planes. The airport is only a 30-minute drive away. This area is in the Boise City Area of Impact, and any activities that happen there should be coordinated with Boise City’s Comprehensive Plan, which it does not. The approval of this airstrip seemed to based on the fact that Hilde is a nice person. That is not what zoning issues should be based on. This area also has no real fire protection and the folks living there have refused to pay to set one up that would actually protect them. Please attend the hearing to appeal this decision by the Ada County Planning and Zoning Commission before the Ada County commissioners at 6 p.m. Wednesday at the Ada County Courthouse.

Pam Conley, Boise