Letters to the Editor

Ringelstetter letter: Guns

I’m sorry that so many families, both of citizens and police officers, are losing loved ones in the madness that is the result of our armed society.

When an officer receives a call that a suspect is armed, you understand their anxiety when they approach a suspect. The presence of a gun, whether legally carried or not, increases the danger of the situation immediately. A communication error by either party can quickly turn deadly. We saw this in Council and around the country. If you think this can’t happen to you — think again.

The ubiquitous presence of guns has created an armed America and created a war zone. All these guns do not make us safer. Just the opposite.

Not long ago concealed weapons were against the law. I didn’t know anyone that even had a handgun.

Eventually we will understand why earlier generations saw the wisdom in eliminating these weapons designed to do one thing — kill other people from our society.

It is just a matter of how many citizen and police families have to lose a loved one before we understand the previous generations wisdom and disarm our citizens of these deadly and dangerous weapons.

RIchard Ringelstetter, Boise