Letters to the Editor

Pluntze letter: Twin Falls assault

Just finished reading Michelle Malkin’s superbly written June 22 article, “Horror & Hush-Up In Twin Falls, Idaho” — an article that literally had me shaking with anger, not only because of the truly cowardly and brazen sexual assault on that 5-year-old girl, but also just as infuriatingly the desperate and pathetic political correctness-inspired response to it (including by the Statesman itself, which apparently couldn’t wait to try to discredit internet writers). Not exactly a shining example, either in the Magic or the Treasure Valley, of either responsible mainstream journalism or political leadership. Here in the Wood River Valley, I’d very much expect the sort of noxious, obnoxious radiantly liberal responses that emerged in the wake of that June attack (currently there are a number of CSI-processed Somalian refugees working and living at SV Resort, and you can practically hear our unceasingly self-serving liberals in this valley celebrating their arrival here, an arrival that probably had a lot to do with the fact that so many employers in the Magic Valley quite understandably were not going to hire Refugee-Resettlement people at any price, anymore than many Treasure Valley ones are) but not in other counties.

John Pluntze, Ketchum