Letters to the Editor

Grow letter: Our forests

Responding to overplanting the forest. Tim L. Tanton Sr. stated “This is just my opinion but I think we are creating this ourselves” when he stated, “Then we plant seven seedlings for every one that is lost.”

The problem is not the planting of seven seedlings for each tree lost. Nor is it from the prolific growth of the natural seeding process. Overforestation is not caused by overplanting. Overforestation happens when we limit selective cutting of trees for lumber by trying to save some overly protected bird, animal or reptile species and to satisfy some people who care more for things than people’s welfare.

If we do not thin the forests by selective harvest for lumber, Mother Nature does it by beetle infestation and fire.

We the people of Idaho should be the supporters of our forest managers and commercial lumber industry by selective harvesting and appreciate the clean, oxygenated air available to us.

It is not just my opinion, I know the Lord and Mother Nature are in charge.

Cecil W. Grow, Boise