Letters to the Editor

Temple letter: Presidential candidates

As a lifelong Republican, I will not vote for Donald Trump. This choice may help Hillary Clinton win the presidency, but I refuse to vote for an egotistical, self-promoting economic elitist. Trump has continuously been given a pass on his vague or unrealistic policies along with his disparaging comments because he is a political outsider. I argue that he is no outsider; Trump uses his wealth, prominence and lawyers to sway the political system as much as any entrenched politician. The purpose of government should be to protect, to create an environment for every American to live out their dream; not to advance the complacency of socialism. This country needs perceptive leadership, someone with substance beyond superficial sound bites, a person who has a record of public service rather than self service that instills trust and confidence. The GOP nomination process has been nothing less than a reality show lacking insight where insults and name calling have overshadowed considering possible solutions to momentous challenges. We now have what many consider an unpalatable choice between the likes of Trump and Clinton. I would rather not participate than cast my vote for either selection that I believe unworthy of the office.

Kelly Temple, Boise