Letters to the Editor

Jones letter: Anti-gun editorial

The Saturday, July 2, reprinted opinion piece from the Lewiston Tribune is another example of the emotional and skewed arguments of the anti-gun coalitions, a rehash of the Bloomberg anti-gun rhetoric with lies and made-up statistics. Only one case of an armed civilian subduing an armed assailant? Really? There are many people who have successfully defended themselves from armed thugs, but these incidents seldom make national news.

Quoted was John Donohue, a far-left Stanford law professor, whose fame came from his attack on John Lott’s extensive study of firearm violence (More Guns, Less Crime) using the usual skewed statistics of the leftists, proving nothing. Even without the involved statistical analysis, it’s well known that cities with the most stringent gun control laws have the highest crime rate. Cause and effect?

And as far as the NRA snubbing hunters, nothing could be further from the truth. The NRA provides training for hunter safety instructors and actively promotes state laws to protect the public’s hunting rights. And I never meet an NRA member who derides hunters.

And of course the anti-gun crowd has to throw in more insults: We’re only doing this for the money.

Scott A. Jones, Council