Letters to the Editor

Fisher letter: Illegal fireworks

It isn’t very often that I agree with the editorials in the Statesman, but on this one (July 1) I am in overwhelming agreement.

I have wondered, since the day I moved to Idaho, why vendors are allowed to sell fireworks that are illegal in the state. It takes an extremely naive person to think that, just because someone signs a document saying he/she isn’t going to use the fireworks here, they are going to abide by that. Additionally, why would anyone think that “legal” fireworks are not as dangerous when being used in an area that is tinder dry and where a fire can be set off with just a simple spark?

If the vendors who sell these hazards don’t care enough about our personal safety and the homes we live in, we certainly should, and that should mean the banning of all fireworks. There isn’t any reason in the world why people shouldn’t be satisfied seeing the fabulous displays that are done professionally rather than putting everyone around them in jeopardy. I would be willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish that goal.

Helen Fisher, Eagle