Letters to the Editor

Fisher letter: Fireworks law

Boise Fire Chief Dennis Doan’s recent remarks concerning “the loopholes in the state’s (Idaho) fireworks laws,” in my opinion are not loopholes, but sinkholes. Anyone with an IQ of 30 or above would have to agree that our state Legislature is the most dysfunctional (dis)organization in the state, if not possibly in the whole country (USA). How any government could “cook up” a bunch of convoluted, crackpot laws, about fireworks, is beyond me.

Is the fireworks lobby that strong? Are some or all of our legislators getting paid under the table to allow such laws to be passed? Something is wrong with this picture.

How many Table Rock disasters have to happen before our politicians wake up? Does the whole state of Idaho have to go up in flames before someone in elected government says, “Hey, we got a problem.” Wake up Idaho. County and city elected officials must share, in part, the blame in this God-awful mess.

Thomas Fisher, Boise