Letters to the Editor

Aragon letter: No mood to celebrate

I was in no mood to celebrate this July 4th holiday, as I reflect on the atrocities taking place both in the USA and abroad. The global terrorism, corruption and violence that continues on a daily basis, leaving countless victims and their families in a life of pain, grief and hopelessness, is daunting. And yet, many leaders call for more weapons, more money and increased militarization. According to Dave Barno, a retired Army lieutenant general who commanded U.S. and allied troops in Afghanistan from 2003 to 2005: “ISIS spews an ideology of extremist beliefs, hate and destruction that in all likelihood cannot be destroyed by military means. That reality makes our military actions against ISIS necessary but not sufficient to destroy this deadly phenomenon.” The voices of reason, wisdom and intelligence are out there, but who is listening?

Dolores Aragon, Meridian