Letters to the Editor

Goodrum letter: Private airstrip

On July 27, at 6 p.m., Ada County’s commissioners will decide whether to permit a private airport in the foothills, right behind Table Rock. According to plans submitted, it could service a cluster of 19 wealthy homeowner/airplane owners, plus all of their invitees.

The airport is advocated by the developer and his minions. It is opposed by citizens groups, conservation organizations and Boise.

Boise’s population has more than doubled in 25 years. Ada County is no longer rural. This private airport is not some farmer landing his crop duster in his pasture. That is the “special use” which the developer makes his application under.

Rather, the developer’s airport is smack in the middle of the foothills area Boise taxpayers have voted $20 million to protect. Ada County has legally agreed to follow Boise city’s duly adopted Comprehensive Plan in this foothills area. Without a doubt, the airport proposal violates the city’s plan. The Boise City Council has already reviewed the airport proposal and said it violates the plan and should be turned down. Yet the county is proceeding..

If you care about the foothills you voted $20 million to protect, you need to show up and speak up.

Forrest Goodrum, Boise