Letters to the Editor

Reiner letter: Airstrip

The Ada County Planning & Zoning Commission approval of a private airport in proximity to downtown Boise, Foothills neighborhoods, IDFG’s Boise River Wildlife Management Area and the Rocky Canyon and Warm Springs Creek’s Critical Big Game Winter Range is one of the most foolish governmental decisions I’ve heard of since I’ve been in Boise.

As a Boise foothills resident, I don’t want any increase in airplane noise on this end of town. As a sportsman and conservationist, I don’t want unnecessary disturbance of critical big game habitat. As a voter and taxpayer, I don’t see any need to have a planning commission, if this is the type of development that they feel complies with the Boise City Comprehensive Plan for the Foothills or Ada County’s Comprehensive Plan, Blueprint for Good Growth and Open Space Task Force report, or with the interests and sensibilities of the majority of their constituents.

Bob F. Reiner, Boise