Letters to the Editor

Narducci letter: Foothills airstrip

The Foothills airstrip approval goes against Boise’s values to minimize development, maintain open space and protect wildlife habitat. The proposed airstrip is beside the Boise River Wildlife Management Area and in Ada County’s Mule Deer Winter Concentration Area, both integral to survival for migrating wildlife. This wildlife not only contributes to Idahoans’ quality of life, but to local economies. The foothills are an important recreational respite for the people of Boise. Conservation and protections over the last 50 years mirror public desire. The recent passing of the Boise Clean Water and Open Space Levy by 74 percent further illustrates public sentiment to preserve our foothills. The proposed airstrip benefits only a few individuals, disrupts and displaces wildlife, faces overwhelming public opposition, and goes against the county’s Comprehensive Plan. Boiseans cherish their open space and all the benefits it provides. Adding an airstrip compromises this value. It also sets a dangerous precedent that will allow all sorts of other noisy and congestive development in our diminishing quiet, open sanctuaries right next to our growing city. Please consider attending July 27, 6 p.m., at the Ada County hearing room and tell Ada County commissioners you don’t want an airstrip in your foothills.

Jenna Narducci, Boise