Letters to the Editor

Banks letter: GOP Convention

Idaho Republican delegation: This is a difficult time for our party as you prepare for the national convention. If a second ballot opens, for the good of the country, vote against Donald Trump.

Trump only recently became a Republican, his aspirations motivated only by a desire to burnish his brand. He demonstrates no inclination to help party candidates. His policy statements — when they don’t contradict — could weaken our country economically and militarily. His proposal for trade tariffs of up to 30 percent could be — in the 1930s — a cause of economic depression. His criticisms of NATO and SEATO allies weakens those alliances when we are at war with ISIS, tested by Russia, and challenged by China.

Trump shows no evidence of moral qualification or sound judgment. Trump’s business practices are unethical, and he sows racial discord in a nation too vulnerable to that call.

Fred Banks, Moscow