Letters to the Editor

Anderson letter: Asphalt plant

For all who visit, live or work in the McCall/Donnelly area: A hot asphalt plant is proposed on the east side of Idaho 55, just south of Donnelly. It was approved by the Valley County Planning Commission; an appeal will be heard by the Valley County Commission 1 p.m. Monday .

We, members of the Arrowhead Point Homeowners Association, Donnelly, state our opposition to the proposed plant. The plant is in direct conflict with the agriculture and tourism on which Valley County depends. The sights, sounds and smells of hot asphalt production would greet residents and visitors alike.

Also of concern are the environmental effects of gas emissions, water and soil contamination, and air and sound pollution. Especially on the protected BOR Wildlife Conservation Areas along Idaho 55 across from the plant site.

Other concerns include the protection of the Payette River. Increased truck traffic will present a risk of oil spill and pollution, along with traffic congestion.

As stewards of the valley, please contact the Valley County Commissioners at commissioners@co.valley.id.us to help protect our valley.

Bruce W. Anderson, President, Arrowhead Point Homeowners Assoc., Donnelly