Letters to the Editor

Humm letter: New editor

I would like to thank your new editor, Rhonda Prast, for her forthright admission last month that she, and the Idaho Statesman, are working at “shaping coverage” in your “investigative and opinion journalism that can effect change ....” This provides a refreshing example of transparency and honesty that is increasingly rare in the news media, which usually tries to convince news consumers that there is no bias, no attempt to shape coverage, and no intent to effect change through their coverage (or lack of coverage) of events.

In the interest of continuing this startling example of transparency in your news coverage, I would suggest that Ms. Prast provide us with a monthly or even weekly column on the Editorial Page, describing the shape she will place on your upcoming news reporting, and listing the changes — political, social, legislative, etc. — that she will be supporting here in Idaho.

Peter Humm, Mountain Home