Letters to the Editor

Letter: Reader thanks restaurant staff for saving choking diner

I want to say this ... “Famous Dave’s saves.” I was dining with my family at Famous Dave’s recently, when my mother started choking. After I attempted the Heimlich maneuver, I was just too short-armed to successfully perform it. The manager Ken Adams saw what was happening, and several staff members gathered around us. Another unknown diner who was fortunately taller than me attempted the maneuver. Things were getting worse, and staff called 911. Ken Adams responded immediately and ran to the kitchen, getting someone who was tall enough to effectively perform the Heimlich. Once paramedics arrived, she was able to breathe. The Famous Dave’s staff were paramount to my mother’s survival. She would not be with us today if not for the immediate attention, response and empathy from all of the Famous Dave’s staff. We did not get a chance to find out your name, but we want to send a heartfelt thanks to the “Tall Man” from the kitchen who saved my mom’s life. We cannot begin to express our level of gratitude for all of the staff. Famous Dave’s ... BBQ with a personal touch. Thank you.

Lisa Earnest, Boise