Letters to the Editor

Chodor letter: Pets in cars

I agree with Ron Asselin about pets in grocery carts. Animals don’t wipe. If they sit in carts, then I put my food there ... you do the math. It doesn’t bother me to see pets walking in stores, but I don’t want their butts where my food sits.

But pet owners, please don’t leave pets in the car during summer. This can turn deadly, even with temperatures in the 70s; your car becomes an oven. Per the Idaho Humane Society, outside temperatures of 70 degrees can become 89 degrees in 10 minutes inside a car, even with windows cracked, and can rise to 104 in 30 minutes. Eighty degrees outside relates to 99 in 10 minutes, 114 in 30 minutes. Today’s temperatures equal a miserable death in a short time.

What’s a responsible pet owner to do? If you’re out with your pet and need to stop somewhere: 1) Put it off until later, especially when food is involved, i.e. grocery stores 2) Bring the pet inside if permitted, leashed and walking. Last resort: 3) Keep clean towel in car for pet to sit on in the cart. Just please don’t leave your pet in the car until outside temps fall below 70 degrees.

Kelli Chodor, Boise