Letters to the Editor

Chadwick letter: Bike lanes

I thought the purpose of bike lanes was so that bike riders would have a “safe lane” for them to travel in. Why then do some of them ride on the sidewalks (which are for the use of pedestrians)?

I almost hit an “elderly” female as I was exiting a business driveway onto Park Boulevard at about 11:30 a.m. Monday, June 27. I had looked before entering the sidewalk area and as I started to enter the street, this female hollered, “Hey! Hey! Hey!” as she pedaled right in front of me. Where she came from is a mystery to me.

I hollered back “Get in the bike lane where you belong.” But it apparently fell on deaf ears as she continued on her merry way (on the sidewalk).

It is no wonder that motorists (including me) are upset and confused with “bike lane mania.” I guess the only answer is “more, bigger and better bike lanes” (Eh?). Not.

Tom Chadwick, Boise