Letters to the Editor

Ward letter: Islam doctrine

There seems to be a lot of angst over allowing Islamist refugees to migrate into America. At the core is the Islam doctrine. David Brooks, who writes for the New York Times, offered his commentary, “Religion’s wicked neighbor,” on this question in the Statesman, June 20.

He wrote, “Barack Obama is clearly wrong when he refuses to use the word ‘Islam’ in reference to Islamist terrorism.” Then Brooks criticizes Donald Trump by writing, “... Donald Trump is abhorently wrong in implying that these attacks are central to Islam. His attempt to ban Muslim immigration is an act of bigotry. ...”

Not being an expert on world religions nor anxious to criticize anybody’s beliefs, I checked out an English translation of this religion’s book called the Koran and sometimes spelled Quran. I now quote from it.

“And when ye meet those who misbelieve — then striking off heads until ye have massacred them, and bind fast the bonds.” (The Koran XLVII.Medinah)

Could Donald the Trump be right? What think ye?

Bill Ward, Meridian