Letters to the Editor

Wallace letter: Gun control

I’ve never considered myself to be a conspiracy theorist but I’m seeing a very serious trend when it comes to the gun control debate. It seems that every time there’s another terrorist attack in this country the left immediately jumps on the bandwagon to ban guns. The part that troubles me the most is that it seems that their latest folly ... the sit-in, in the House of Representatives, may be gaining some traction with folks normally vehemently against the gun control hysteria. Now this is the conspiracy theory part. What if the radical Islamic terrorist organizations have picked up on this and have instituted, as their next stage in the fight against the West, getting guns banned in the United States to make their targets easier to conquer. I could imagine their leadership sitting around dreaming of the day that the United States becomes a gun-free zone so that they can finally fulfill their goal of conquering the “Great Monster.” Should be food for thought on both sides; unfortunately I suspect that most on the left have got their heads too deeply buried in the sand.

Rod Wallace, Boise