Letters to the Editor

Simpson letter: Benghazi

As I sit here in real time and listen to the lame attempt by the Benghazi committee to make a mountain out of a mole hill, I am struck by a few other facts that they have chosen to ignore. Missing in the diatribe is the fact that under George W. Bush there were 13 attacks on American embassies and 60 people died. In my memory, no other attack has been under the scrutiny that Benghazi has. In fact, the war on Iraq has not been so critically scrutinized, although over 4,000 of our servicemen and women were killed. I do not recall an investigation of this magnitude, lasting over two years, into the mechanics of the terrorists who brought death and destruction on 9/11. This Benghazi committee would have us believe that mistakes have never been made in our war on terror. Oh the value of hindsight. There is no smoking gun here and it is clear once again, the real purpose of this investigation.

Peggy Simpson, Cascade