Letters to the Editor

Lane letter: Returned hound dog

Someone picked up my neighbor’s black and tan hound on Highway 95 near Whitebird on May 15th. They must have a heart or conscience because that person finally turned him over to the Idaho Humane Society shelter in Boise after five weeks. My neighbor is forever thankful to get his dog back. Now if that person can find it in his heart to also return the $300 tracking collar that was on the dog along with his regular collar. Both collars had name and phone numbers on them when the dog was taken. Please drop the collars off at the same place you left the dog, Boise shelter. They can forward the collars back to my neighbor. No questions asked. Just want what is rightfully his returned. You had the goodness in your heart to return the dog, please do the right thing and return the collars. $300 is not easy to come by to buy another collar.

Terry Lane, Grangeville