Letters to the Editor

Falk letter: Right wing politicos

I’m tired of the right wing politicos bashing Hillary Clinton. Too much watching Fox News and right wing radio. Millions of tax dollars spent on Whitewater. Nothing. Vince Foster’s death thoughtlessly mentioned. Nothing. Eight committees on Benghazi. Nothing. Same conspiracies when JFK was killed (remember Garrison), that 9/11 was government-initiated, and President Obama was born outside the U.S. (Senator Cruz born in “socialist” Canada?).

Then there’s Mr. Trump. Taken from PolitiFact.com and published in “The Week,” June 3. “Only 2% of claims Trump has made ... have been true, 6% mostly true, 15% half true, 15% mostly false, 43% were false, 18% ‘pants on fire’ lies.”

When you vote in November, just ask yourself if you would want your kids and grandkids to grow up to be a Trump.

Dennis Falk, Boise