Letters to the Editor

Guyer letter: Asphalt plant

In Valley County we will soon be the proud receivers of an asphalt plant located along Highway 55. This plant will be located north of Cascade and south of Donnelly. By a 2-1 vote the planning and zoning approved the plant. So now we will have trucks traveling Highway 55 with crude oil. Payette River will certainly have a few trucks spill oil during the coming years. Gold Fork River will always have the potential of contamination and so will Cascade Lake.

Property values will drop like a rock and the 17 homeowners living next to this plant will most likely enjoy the view of the 100-foot silo in their backyard.

There is a commissioners’ meeting on July 18 at the courthouse in Cascade at 1 p.m. I urge everyone who can to attend so we can save our beautiful valley and way of life.

Donna Guyer, Donnelly