Letters to the Editor

Smith letter: Guns

I am a gun owner and there are several things I know about violent actions involving guns in our country that resulted in a large number of people being killed or injured at one time. The perpetrators used semi-automatic weapons and high volume ammunition clips.

Congress has prohibited the CDC from gathering information on gun injuries and deaths. It seems to me that the number of injuries and deaths resulting from gun violence in this nation is approaching epidemic levels. If mental health issues are involved with the violence, then Congress and the states should provide adequate funding and access to mental health care.

These weapons and ammunition need to be banned. AR-15-type weapons are adaptations of guns designed for war not civilian use. No one needs a weapon capable of rapid firing or high capacity magazine clips to defend her/him self. Prohibiting the sale of these guns and ammunition clips seems sensible.

Congress should allow the CDC to gather data on injuries and deaths that involve guns of any kind. Adequate funding for this research should be authorized and allocated. State and local authorities should gather this information and share it with the CDC.

MaryEvelyn Smith, Boise