Letters to the Editor

Morris letter: Funding schools

Schools can be paid for easier if we had some leaders. We have the Mayor’s Office, City Council and Planning & Zoning, and then the West Ada School Board a separate entity, the worst being the Mayor’s Office and City Council.

To help pay for the schools, a plan could be developed as follows: $2,500 on all new homes, $2,000 on all new apartments (not building), $1,000 all homes sold in West Ada District, $2,500 for every $50,000 on all commercial.

A family of four would be the standard plan (mother, father and two children). Then $750 for the third child; $1,000 for the fourth child; $1,250 for the fifth child, and $250 to be added for each child thereafter. These fees are to be paid at time of registration.

I was born in Idaho. Idaho has become worse each year for education as well as being the complete state. We used to be 45th but now 50th in the U.S. Boy have we improved. The elected officials don’t run Meridian or the state, the developers do. They are about as worthless as our four representatives to Congress.

Ron Morris, Meridian