Letters to the Editor

Morse letter: Fireworks

Well, here we are at July 4th. And what a surprise, we already have a fire in the Table Rock area that has burned a house to the ground. I’m sure it wasn’t those illegal fireworks that our lawmakers allow to be sold here in Idaho on every street corner. I’ll bet whoever is responsible for using those fireworks just forgot about that powerful document they signed stating they were not going to use those illegal fireworks here. I’m so surprised. I think everyone takes that document as gold and would follow it to the letter. I just thought I lived in a neighborhood full of sneaky criminals and not all those law-abiding citizens who follow the letter of the law. For days before and days after the 4th it looks like World War III with rockets shooting to the stars and bombs exploding. Good job lawmakers. I’m so lucky to have all you brilliant people protecting us.

Val Morse, Boise