Letters to the Editor

Just letter: Fireworks

Perhaps the smoke in the air from the recent Table Rock fire is throwing my thinking off, but it occurs to me that various civic and church groups and occasional small-time entrepreneurs should be allowed to take advantage of the legal situation regarding marijuana. As those who pay attention to the news know, it is legal to possess and smoke pot in Washington, Oregon and Colorado. Idaho lawmakers will have none of that, of course, but that doesn’t mean the aforementioned groups and individuals should not be allowed to profit from what is legal in other states. Picture colorful stands in parking lots all across the state proclaiming the availability of marijuana in various forms, cleverly packaged in patriotic colors. Such a money maker. But how, you may ask, do we keep Idahoans from consuming the evil weed itself? Simple. Just ask them to sign a form that says they won’t use it within the state and everything will be fine. Legislators seeking guidance on this need look no further than the existing fireworks legislation in the State of Idaho. That works perfectly in keeping illegal fireworks from being used.

Rick Just, Boise