Letters to the Editor

Buckthal letter: Attend P&Z meeting

Doug Jayo Construction has submitted a request to the Boise Planning and Zoning commission to amend the 1999 agreement to add additional homes to the Somerset Ridge Subdivision. If you live in the North End and are concerned about the traffic and growth in the Foothills, please attend the Planning and Zone commission meeting on July 11, and voice your concerns.

Jayo Construction has requested to add 10-12 additional home sites. The original 1999 agreement was reached after considerable contentious negotiation between the homeowners, various homeowners associations, and the developer.

In trade for the proposed increase, the developer is willing to give the city land — that is too steep to be developed — for a nature trail that follows under the high-voltage power transmission line.

While the planning and zoning commission must review any proposed changes submitted, the approval of this specific change would ridicule the public process and mock the citizens who participated in the original 1999 agreement.

Defend your civic right to a zoning commission that follows the will of the community. Attend the meeting or write your opinion.

Roger Buckthal, Boise