Letters to the Editor

Hawkins letter: Idaho Veterans Home

I think it is important that the community understand what a wonderful home this really is. Employees get the opportunity to take care of our nation’s heroes on a daily basis. In the front of our home is a wonderful tribute with seven flags, dedicated to all veterans who have lived in this home. It is to make sure everyone remembers the sacrifices made by so many. It includes flags of Wake Island, Merchant Marines, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy, Army and Air Force. When a resident passes, their name and dates of service are placed on the granite wall. I have been very familiar with our veterans from World War I all the way through our current conflicts. As we continue to say goodbye to those veterans of our greatest generation, World War II, it is honor they are still living with us here at the home. As we get close to the 4th of July, I encourage everyone to remember those who sacrificed so much to keep this nation free. We are truly blessed we live in this great nation. Remember that on the Fourth. And if you have an opportunity to come visit this home, please do.

Phil Hawkins, Idaho Veterans Home, Boise