Letters to the Editor

Jameson letter: Washington Post articles

Washington Post published article Dec. 28, 2015, titled “Stop asking me to condemn terrorists just because I’m Muslim.” Chicago Tribune published article Dec. 29, 2015, titled “Don’t ask me to condemn terrorism just because I’m Muslim.” Idaho Statesman published article titled “Why I refuse to condemn terrorism,” Jan. 3. Rana Elmir wrote the article, three different titles. She makes statements, no proof cited. “The first Muslims in the United States were brought over bound as slaves, not immigrants.” When? Cite proof. Muslims were middle men in slave trade selling Africans to captains of slave ships. She states “Muslims fought in every war starting with the American Revolution.” She should provide the names of at least two Muslims in the Revolution, in which colony they were residing, type of service, military or supplies. She cites the problems Muslims first had here . Every large group of immigrants has had problems, and they learned to get over it. She apparently never heard of “NINA” for “No Irish need apply.” I think it would be in the interest of the readers if the Statesman did not publish reprints of articles from the Washington Post with unverified claims.

Barbara Jameson, Boise