Letters to the Editor

Wertz letter: Equestrians

Equestrians are being shut out of the Boise Front.

I am a 50-year resident of Boise and have ridden my horse on the Boise Front for decades. The Grossman property (Cartwright/Pierce Park roads) has been the last place to ride without competing with bikes — until they cut bike paths there.

Multiple-use of trails sounds great until one considers the danger of bikes speeding over the crest of a hill or around a blind corner towards a horse and rider. Additionally, bike paths are compacted, providing no traction for horse hooves and jeopardizing the horse to “road founder” — making the horse unridable.

Bikers also use the only parking available to trailers on the shoulder of Cartwright Road.

Having voted “yes” on both levies to provide access to the Boise Front for recreationists, I never considered that my horse and I would be excluded. David Gordon, Ridge to Rivers program manager, tells us that there is no money to provide for equestrians.

I would like to have some trails for the exclusive use of equestrians and hikers, especially on the Grossman property, and to have the shoulder of Cartwright Road set aside for horse trailers only.

Marva Wertz, Boise