Letters to the Editor

Tanton letter: Over-planting the forest

Over forestation of our forest. This is just my opinion but I think we are creating this ourselves.

All trees create seeds and drop them to the ground to grow new trees when the one it came from is cut down or burned by forest fire. The heat from a fire energizes the seeds to grow. Then we go through and plant seven seedlings for every one tree that is lost.

You guessed it, most of the seven trees planted take hold plus any seed that has been generated by the trees. Next thing you know, overpopulated forest due to overplanting. Job security for someone?

If they want to help our forest, stop over-planting, and when there is a fire get to it and attack it like we mean it. Draw equipment and people from all over right away to put it out.

The trees of our forests are what create the air we breathe; without them we don’t survive. Too many trees are just as bad as not enough because it kills the forest with overcrowding and trees can’t breathe or get sunlight either to grow. Stop over-Splanting the forest.

Tim L. Tanton Sr., Boise