Letters to the Editor

Stacy letter: St. Luke’s cycle track

Don’t be fooled. Boise is not about to get our own cycle track. St. Luke’s is selling their proposed “cycle track” by comparing it to projects in cities such as Indianapolis and Portland.

These wonderful cycle tracks are communitywide efforts that provide miles of paved pathways that run through city universities, past museums, along rivers, to historical sites and by bakeries and breweries. St. Luke’s proposal is nothing but a short detour circling around their medical campus as an attempt to mitigate for the potential loss of Jefferson Street.

Many citizens have asked St. Luke’s to design their expansion in a way that ensures that their campus will become a lively part of our urban landscape. This cycle detour does just the opposite by requiring that cyclists, pedestrians and motorists skirt around their complex. So Indianapolis? Portland? Far from it.

A citywide cycle track serving the public interest in Boise is yet a dream to come.

Marci Stacy, Boise