Letters to the Editor

Savino letter: Vetting vertigo

Vetting vertigo ... vetting should include: Illegal aliens in the military, funding countries that sponsor terror, refugees sneaking and hiding their way over the borders, Islamic Muslim terrorists who want to massacre Americans and crooked lying political parties.

The liberal socialist Democrats are hellbent on taking record revenues from taxpayers and wasting/spending hundreds of millions of dollars on items such as: Why do frogs croak? Why fish eat jewelry? Why dogs chase cars? and Why do Illegals come here? Duh?

Our property, goods and services are being stolen by illegal alien invaders. The internet will show them how to make bombs, when and where to blow us up and why Allah is the answer.

The morally corrupt federal government is flawed. They brilliantly manipulate our money, power and control. Its treachery and illicit ideology of socialist/liberal politics.

Enter the Sanders/Clinton socialism in the Democrat Party of America.

Democrats have added more than $8 trillion since 2008 to debt, allowed millions of illegals, refugees and drug peddlers here unvetted and opened the door to communist Cuba. And this is all good? Genius Democrats, tell us all why this is good.

San Bernadino? Orlando? Paris? Boston? Brussells? Fort Hood? Trump will fix this fast.

Dano Savino, Nampa