Letters to the Editor

Bianchetti letter: Presidential election

Wow, this election season is starting to get fun. First, I would like to remind Donald Trump that if it weren’t for the Mayflower (the first immigrants to come across the pond), Lord knows how things would have turned out. We became a democracy and a free country.

Now, our soon-to-be “dictator” wants to run the country and the world to his liking, as if he owned it all. The temper tantrums are my favorite. Even his own “party” is humiliated by him. But some want to stick with him for the GOP’s sake. Come on boys, stand on your own two feet and do the right thing about this blowhard.

Our new female president can get things done. Remember the saying, “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” and “it is better to flee into the desert on a roof top then to deal with a contentious woman.”

Fasten your seat belt Trump, this will be the bumpiest ride of your life. May heaven help you. You need all you can get. Just keep your mouth shut and all will be well.

Karen Bianchetti, Boise