Letters to the Editor

Wright letter: Affordable housing

This is about the plan to build apartments near Whitewater Boulevard. Everyone knows the need for housing that lower income families can afford. But ... when it comes to building it, no one wants it in their neighborhood. They say it will bring down their property values. How would you like to be in their shoes? You must not have ever been there or you would not fight the issue.

They deserve a place to live, just like you. Just because they are low income does not mean that they would not keep up their property. In fact there are many housing projects that are owned and run by people with the means to keep up the property.

Drive around town and you will see many subdivisions that are in disrepair and full of old cars and miscellaneous items. The people that live there could keep them up but do not want to spend the time and money to keep their property in good repair. I am pretty sure that giving low income families a chance, they will prove that being low income does not mean low living standards.

Joanne Wright, Boise