Letters to the Editor

Losinski letter: Renewable energy

I first want to commend Mayor Dave Bieter and our city leaders on the 2015 Livability Report. This report reaffirmed Boise’s commitment to sustainable and environmentally conscious living by showing progress on explicit goals for energy, water management and air quality. For all of its aspirations, I believe this report is missing a component that is crucial in making Boise “the most livable city in the country”— transitioning to 100 percent clean electricity.

As you might already know, San Diego recently committed to transition to 100 percent carbon-free electricity by 2035, representing just one of 15 other cities already achieving or committed to this goal. I believe Boise’s identity as a livable and environmentally conscious community requires a similar commitment from our city leaders.

Idaho has access to a massive and diverse array of renewable resources. The city of Boise can leverage these local advantages to set a 100 percent clean energy goal that will grow our advanced energy economy, define Boise as a leader in sustainability, and ensure that transition away from dirty, costly fossil fuels.

Boise has established itself as a livable and forward-thinking city. We can commit to 100 percent renewable energy to strengthen and build upon that identity.

Ben Losinski, Boise