Letters to the Editor

Featured Letter: Yes to service animals, no to ‘pets’ at Rosauers

These signs greet customers at Rosauers in Meridian.
These signs greet customers at Rosauers in Meridian. Robert Ehlert

To all Idaho grocery stores: you might want to follow Rosauers’ dog policy. Only service animals (an Americans with Disabilities Act designation for dogs trained to assist disabled individuals) are allowed in their grocery store and cannot be held by the owner or put in a grocery cart, but must be on a leash and walking on the floor. So-called “comfort” dogs are not allowed.

In the last two weeks I have seen dogs in grocery carts at other stores that were positively a health hazard. These dogs have to be spreading feces and diseases while they are in those grocery carts. Customers put food in these carts and the last thing anyone wants is feces on their food.

I applaud Rosauers for its policy. It definitely has won over our patronage to their store.

Ron Asselin, Boise